WhatsApp’s Desktop Apps Launched for Windows and for Mac

WhatsApp Desktop App

WhatsApp is “the” biggie in the instant messaging field with features that help in connecting people around the globe.

Early this year it was reported that WhatsApp has almost 1 billion monthly users who are actively using the app. The company is constantly working on introducing new features that are useful and interesting to the users. Off late a few new features have been worked upon and have been introduced which include ZIP file sharing, voicemail recording and sending, call back option, video calls support.

A most flagrant problem for WhatsApp has probably been solved, as it has now launched the desktop apps for Windows and Mac. The new messaging platform can now be accessed from the PC too. The new app is compatible with computers and devices that run on an OS of Windows 8 and above and for Mac based devices the OS should be Mac OS X 10.9 and above.

With this introduction of the desktop apps for WhatsApp, it is now officially operative from every possible platform. WhatsApp’s desktop apps comes to light almost after 14 months of the launch of the company’s WhatsApp Web, which has the most popular IM apps entrée on platforms that are non-mobile related. When it comes to the WhatsApp web client, it does not work on its own but it requires to be synced with your mobile device. This means that it still needs a phone handset to be turned on with an active internet connection. This clinches extra security, ensuring that the messages are sent to only one particular device without hacks.

Whatsapp Desktop Mac Windows

The WhatsApp Web client and the WhatsApp desktop app work in very much the same pattern, where the desktop app will sync in the messages and conversations from the mobile devices, when logged in with the same id or phone number. This Tuesday there was a blog on WhatsApp’s site which reportedly claimed that by launching the new desktop app it will become much easier to stay in touch with friends or family, no matter if you are available on a mobile device or on your computer either at home or at work.

The app runs on the earlier versions of the desktop platforms and can be synced with the same WhatsApp account over mobile devices also. This means that the new desktop app will support and give out notifications related to the native desktop versions also. This also provides better keyboard shortcuts and other advantages. It works similarly like the WhatsApp web client, which allows the users to scan a QR code while using the app on mobile devices. In the same way,  the QR code should be scanned on the desktop app also to get started. When you are accessing the app on a Smartphone, you have to make sure that the app is running its latest updated version for iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows based phones. This can be found out from the Settings under the Menu in the WhatsApp app screen.

The new desktop app is available for download at the company’s website.

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