What are the Best Android TV Apps?

Having an Android box and not using all its capabilities is like driving a good car at 50 kilometers per hour. Let’s face it, what defines the success of an operating system are its applications, and Android is a very successful operating system. There are so many applications for this system, that the difficulty lies in your choice, either free or paid.

Market share in Android broadcast boxes is growing and, with this, more and more applications are emerging for users. With 2 billion monthly active users on all platforms, this makes it more likely to create and optimize applications for set-top boxes. Here are some applications that are mandatory for your Android TV box.


The largest video sharing website in the world. We can access YouTube through Chrome or Opera, but the best experience comes from the application.

With YouTube, we can watch all kinds of videos: movie trailers, funny videos, clips, random clips, live videos, music videos, etc. And fully watch them in 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080 or 4K resolution.


Netflix needs no introduction, it has recently grown to the 4th most viewed “TV brand”, according to SRG, a Toronto consumer research firm.

With wide offering, including hit TV shows like Stranger Things, Orange Is The New Black and, more recently, GLOW, alongside a solid repertoire of feature films for Sundance’s sensations.

In addition to its catalog, the ability to transmit content in 4K and HDR, is also one of the features that makes Netflix the undisputed king of video transmission.


Kodi can easily be defined as the dear opensource. Video enthusiasts and fans of JeOS (Just Enough Operating System) have used Kodi for all their media center needs and, most importantly, are contributing to its evolution. In fact, the Kodi community is one of the most vibrant.

Available for multiple platforms and operating systems and allowing you to consume the content you want most. Watch live TV, play music from streaming services, connect it to your NAS and use a full movie library, and more. It is no wonder that for sports fans it is the best service to watch live games of soccer, football and the basketball NBA expert picks.


VLC is one of the most flexible video player applications on the Internet. It can play all types of multimedia files and in almost all operating systems. It is one of the few compatible with Android TV and Android set-top boxes.

VLC supports music files, allowing you to listen to your favorite bands, and has a great advantage: it is completely free and without advertising. Basically, it is an all-in-one solution that should meet virtually all video needs.


Whether satellite, cable or terrestrial channels, we can see them all and with the best image quality you can imagine, thanks to the WeTV application. With a very easy to use interface, you can check all your favorite TV channels and improve your experience in the room.

In addition, you can create lists of your favorite channels, select subtitles, alternative audio tracks or check the TV Guide, when available.


If you like music, just like us, Spotify is a must. This streaming application has lots of music, a good algorithm regarding music suggestions and a wide variety of playlist options (by default, your own and other users).

The simple interface and a good variety of subscription plans make Spotify one of the best music and podcast applications for Android.

Google Chrome

When connected, you need a fast navigation application (even in set-top boxes or streamers). Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world and you can install it too on your Android box.

With this application, you can use your TV to browse the web and watch live videos on Facebook, Twitch, etc.

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