WhatsApp 2.16.10 Adds Nifty Editing and Formatting Features for Android Users


WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular messaging app in the world, boasting a monthly active user base of more than 1 billion people.

The app reportedly handles more than 30 million messages in a single day and more people keep signing up for the platform as each day passes. At the moment, the latest version of this app is WhatsApp 2.16.10 and just like any other previous update, this new version comes with quite a lot to offer Android users of the app.

Bold, italicize and strike-through text

In what is seen as an aggressive move towards rolling out new features, WhatsApp for Android has been busy lately, adding some amazing features that have been on the waiting list for quite some time now.

Recently, the chat app received the ability to share documents after having allowed users to only share things like photos, videos and voice notes. This ability to share multiple file types has been coming for ages, with many users frustrated that they cannot share simple documents via the platform. Even though this feature is not new, it now works smoothly in the latest WhatsApp 2.16.10. In addition, the latest version also lets users share PDF files with any individual or group.


As far as formatting tools are concerned, WhatsApp users will also be able to share bolded and italicized messages. For bolded messages, users will only need to write the message between two asterisks – before and after the message. To send the message in italics, replace the asterisks with an underscore (_). It is even possible to post messages that contain strike-through text. All you need is to insert tildes on either side of the message.

Mute, delete and leave multiple group chats

The latest version of WhatsApp takes everything to the next level by coming in with fresh tools for editing. In the new version, it is now possible to leave, delete and mute multiple group conversations simultaneously. This is not possible with the current Play Store version, which stands at v2.12.566.

Other than muting, deleting and leaving multiple groups at once, the latest WhatsApp 2.16.10 APK also lets users delete or mute multiple individual chats at once. As opposed to the enlarged profile picture that showed up on the screen when one taps on the group or individual profile photo in a list of chats or contacts, the new version marks the selected contact or chat, with editing options showing up at the upper end of the screen.


WhatsApp introduced the ability to star messages sometimes back. In the new version, it is now possible to delete the entire chat while choosing to keep the starred messages.

Remember that the editing options you get will depend on the selections made. You won’t get an option to exit the group if an individual chat is included in the selection. In short, multiple actions work perfectly when the selected items are common; otherwise, the options are limited.

Since WhatsApp 2.16.10 APK is still in beta, you can’t find it in the Google Play Store. It can, however, be downloaded from the APK Mirror.

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