Xiaomi Mi 5 Mini Release Date, Specs and Price

Xiaomi Mi 5 Mini

Xiaomi Mi 5 was recently released to the public and at the moment, dwellers of China and India can get this device locally.

Even before the device’s much-touted goodies are fully utilized by users, there is news of a new, but smaller version of the Mi 5 and its dubbed Xiaomi Mi 5 Mini. The device wants to take on Apple’s iPhone SE in a head to head battle for the Chinese and Indian markets.

Here’s what we currently know about the Xiaomi Mi 5 Mini with respect to the release date, specs, and features as well as the price.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Mini release date and price

As mentioned earlier, the flagship Xiaomi Mi 5 has already been released in China and India. The base model costs about $295 while the high-end Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro costs about $405. Given that the Xiaomi Mi 5 Mini is a smaller version of the flagship Mi 5, the pricing should also reflect the same. As a result, the compact Mi 5 Mini might cost about $250.

With the rumored spec sheet of Xiaomi Mi 5 Mini, it will be hard for other smartphone OEMs to beat the company in terms of pricing. The phone is reportedly coming as early as this June, which means it might be announced this coming month unless Xiaomi shifts from its traditional announcements and release dates.

Specs and features

As far as the spec sheet is concerned, Xiaomi Mi 5 Mini is thought to be packed with the same high-end hardware used on the standard Xiaomi Mi 5, but with slight changes here and there. While things like the latest Snapdragon 820, 3GB RAM and 32GB of onboard storage will be reflected in the Mi 5 Mini model, it is rumored that Xiaomi will shrink the size of the rear camera from 16MP to 13MP. There are no details regarding the front-facing camera, but the 4.3-inches of display to feature HD display of 720p resolution.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Mini

There is no word on whether the camera will retain the four-axis OIS feature included in the flagship model, but hopefully, it will be included to ensure users get the best shots even when in motion.

With speculations rife that the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 5 Mini could be very similar to the flagship Mi 5 with size being a major differentiator, we hope that smaller device will pack the same features available in the flagship model. Chances of seeing a 3D ceramic body feature on the Mi 5 Mini like with the case of the Mi 5 Pro are very slim, but this could be a way for the company to attract buyers to the smaller device.

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