WhatsApp 2.16.164 for Windows Phone Available with New Features, UI Improvements and Fixes


WhatsApp developers have been phenomenal when it comes to pushing updates to the popular mobile messaging platform.

The service has versions for different mobile operating systems including Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. WhatsApp for the three most famous operating systems is frequently updated to add new features as well as fixing bugs and other issues.

Windows Phone platform has been updated to version 2.16.164 with two new functions, user interface improvements, and fixes. This is a major update because most releases mainly focus on bug fixing and system improvements.

The Facebook-owned social media platform has over a billion monthly active users and is the leading instant messaging app on Earth. The chat service has several fascinating features for free which include but not limited to text formatting, Quote and Reply, Voice Calling and Voicemail. Furthermore, the app is secured by end-to-end data encryption protocol. However, being an ad-free app is probably the most intriguing bit about WhatsApp. Nonetheless, mobile messaging space is incredibly competent and even top apps like WhatsApp have to add new features to keep up with the pace in the market.

On to the latest update on Windows Phone. To start with, WhatsApp 2.16.164 update redesigns the camera for better blending with Windows Phone exclusive look and texture. Impressively, WhatsApp bar for chats has also been dropped. Besides, the Media Sharing feature has been revamped alongside other changes to the homepage UI.


The update also makes some changes to how emojis appear in chats. With WhatsApp 2.16.164, if you send one emoji to a recipient, a larger version of the image will be shown. The feature has been there with another Facebook’s platform-Messenger, as well as, WhatsApp for iOS and Android devices. Thanks to the update, Windows Phone owners can now read from the same page with their colleagues on the other platforms. Actually, this update is seen to bring a sense of balance between WhatsApp versions on different platforms.

Apart from the major changes we have discussed, the update brings a lot of tiny changes to the application alongside fixes which are better realized when you are running the app. The update which was only in Beta has now been released to the public. Download latest WhatsApp update for better chatting experience on your Windows Phone.

However, there is no video calling or support for GIFs yet. We will keep you updated immediately we get any information.

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