Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Could Be A Game Changer Like Modern Warfare

Call Of Duty

Gamers have been bombarding Call of Duty Infinite Warfare with negative comments ever since the launch trailer came out.

But, the developers are highly confident that this could be a game changer just like Modern Warfare.

Speaking to the media, Taylor Kurosaki, narrative director of Infinite Warfare explained that they are aiming to make it into a sub series with more games set in space. The COD series has already experiment the same with Black Ops and Modern Warfare with colossal success. Games like World at War and Ghosts were one-time spin offs with no potential for further games.

“When we started working on Infinite Warfare, the entire team loved the idea. Our aim was to establish our game as a sub series in the franchise. It is going to be a title in the Call of Duty tree with its own special place. The world we have developed will definitely pave way for multiple games. We are nowhere near to exhausting the world we have created and it has space for more stories to be told,” said Kurosaki.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

The director seems to be highly confident and we couldn’t help but wonder whether players were too soon to bash the title with negative comments. After all, what we have seen till now is just a trailer and nothing more. Explaining the situation, he further clarifies that the shift from World War II to Modern Warfare was one of the biggest decisions the company had to take.

“I can easily say that Infinity Ward faced the most pressure when they decided to introduce Modern Warfare. It had new world, vehicles, weapons and completely new AI. Players see COD as a world war game but they changed it. We believe we are in the same situation and could change their perspective when the game is out,” he clarified.

The narrative director went on to say that the setting was really interesting. Space had plenty of potential and allowed the team to tell a story with a futuristic backdrop. It paved way for new ways to combat, new weapons and some interesting action sequences like never before.

It’s not just in his perspective but as a whole, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare set in space looks like the leap Modern Warfare made years ago and went on to become a crowd favorite title. The same success could be reiterated if the developers get it right. Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 and probably a good Call of Duty game, great year to be a gamer!

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