WhatsApp to Add More Text Formatting Tools – Check Out the Beta Version

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WhatsApp never stops adding new features to the app and the latest is to do with text formatting. This adds to the recently added ability to bold, italicize and strike through texts on the chat app, features that have been received well among the more than a billion people that use the app.

The latest report points towards a new font on WhatsApp. Even though the feature is still in beta, meaning that there might still be possible changes to the current offering, it looks very similar to what we already have with Windows FixedSys. The fact that this font is only available on the beta version of the app means that those using the Google Play Store version cannot access it.

But there is always a way out with beta versions of WhatsApp when it comes to Android devices. The version that contains this new font is v2.16.179. If you have signed up for the Play Store Beta program, you can easily download and install the latest version of the Facebook-owned app. For those using iOS, the feature has also been spotted on the beta version of the app.

If you haven’t signed up for the beta program on the Play Store, you can get the APK file from sites such as APK Mirror. However, you will need to make some changes to your phone’s settings before installing this version. In the Security Settings, check the Unknown sources option to allow the installation of apps from sites other than the Play Store.

Once you do this, download WhatsApp 2.16.79 APK and install it on your device. Make you sure you keep a backup of your current WhatsApp data since you will be able to restore it once the beta version is installed. If you have the backup in your Google account, the better.

How to change WhatsApp font

Once you get the beta version ready for use, changing the font shouldn’t be a problem. Simply add three grave accent symbols before and after a word, phrase or sentence and the magic happens. For instance, to change the font of the word “WhatsApp” in a message, simply type “`WhatsApp“` and the text will appear in a new font.


This feature adds to other features that WhatsApp has recently been adding to its beta versions, among them group invite links and mentions. With the former feature, WhatsApp users can send invitation links to friends wishing to join a given group chat. On the other hand, the latter feature is where one wants to grab someone’s attention in a group chat. It works in similar manner as tagging on Facebook.

Recently, the stable version of the app also received a feature that lets users quote someone’s message when replying directly to it in a group chat. All you need is to long-press the message and a reply option will show up alongside the usual delete, star, copy and forward options.

As for the anticipated video calling feature, WhatsApp has yet to give concrete signs of when exactly this feature will be here.

Keep following us and we’ll let you know when the stable version of the app is available as well as the video calling feature.

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