3 Must-Know Tips for Avoiding Pokémon Go Dangers

Pokemon Go In Canada

Pokémon Go launched a few days ago and since then, it has all been crazy out there with millions of people already on board Niantic’s newest creation.

While there are many people who are enjoying the fun of hunting down Pokémon, some have already faced quite a number of dangers when buried deep into the game. Since this game is mostly played by children, it has raised concerns among those behind the children’s charity, NSPCC. The fact that the game collects geo-location data of players has made the body’s CEO Peter Wanless a worried man, especially since incidences of robbery have already been reported with respect to Pokémon Go players.

In case you haven’t been carried away by the Pokémon Go faze, it is an AR-based game where players are supposed to collect little creatures called Pokémon. The unusual part of the game is that unlike other cases where players stick to their screens while seated in the comfort of their home, Pokémon Go takes them into the real world to hunt down Pokémon. The game will tell you where to get Pokémon thanks to the fact that it uses GPS and camera to find and capture the creatures.

Of course, the developers of the game knew about this and as such, they placed quite a number of features that will help keep players safe during their Pokémon hunt. Here’s a look at the best three.

In-app purchases and parental controls

Many video games come with in-app purchases and parental controls and so does Pokémon Go. It is possible to block in-app purchases via the parental controls, which is a handy addition for those whose children use their phones when playing this game. Make sure you do this since some purchases can go as high as $100.

For those using the iPhone, there is room for setting up Family Sharing and Ask to Buy options. In this way, your child can only request to make purchases, but you will have to approve them first. Go to Settings>iCloud>Family>Select Family Member’s Name>Ask to Buy. As for those using Android, go to Subscribe>Family>Set up family>Get Started.

Walking into things

As mentioned, Pokémon Go involves lots of walking around. Since one is concentrated on the screen’s directions, it is easy to walk into other stationary or moving things. The lack of concentration on one’s surrounding’s when playing the game can have grave effects, especially since cars and bicycles are all over.

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To stay clear of this, you can opt for something like using the Pokémon Go app when in notify mode. In this way, the phone will simply vibrate whenever a Pokémon is in the vicinity.

Personal details

Before you start playing Pokémon Go, you must, first of all, create a User ID as well as provide your email address. The developers of the app were aware that children will be playing it and as such, it doesn’t collect other Google account information from players.

Despite this, it is recommended that users set up a fresh account specifically for Pokémon Go. In this way, you can be sure that no data is collected from your personal email account. Parents can also ask for the collected details to be kept safe.

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