Whatsapp Android 2.17.264 Gets Brand New Expressive Emojis


Whatsapp for Android is getting yet another update and this time the developer team is focusing on making the emojis more expressive than ever.

While it may take time for Android phones to copy a person’s face and mimic them in emojis as the Apple iPhone X does, it is fun to see the new collection of emojis on Whatsapp Android 2.17.264. The version number is still in beta and not all users may see the updated version in their keyboard. The developer team wants to make sure it works as intended before rolling it out to all users.

Whatsapp Android 2.17.264 New Expressive Emojis

Expressive Faces for Your Messages

A lot of users would say that the emojis on Whatsapp is hardly interactive as the ones found on Hangouts, Instagram or Skype. These emojis are dull compared to other apps which is what they want to fix by making them more life-like. You can take a look at the screenshot to see the changes made.

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From the first look, Whatsapp Android 2.17.264 emojis look like they all have new eyes. The rounded, bright eyes are expected to convey better emotions through the numerous smileys that you could find in the Whatsapp keyboard.

From a poll initiated by social media pages, it has been confirmed that over 56% of people are unhappy with the new changes. Whatsapp often face the wrath of their users as it happened when they removed text status messages and forced users to update their status on a daily basis. Apart from the most popular smiley faces, new poses including yoga pose, dinosaurs, Dracula and even zombies.

Whatsapp Android 2.17.264

Third Party Keyboards Supported

In another update, it has been confirmed that all the new smileys will work with third party keyboards like Swift keyboard or any other app you would like to use. Whatsapp has integrated it in such a way in the app that it automatically detects the keyboard and provides a choice of emojis to choose from.

Apart from rolling out new emoji faces, the developers of Whatsapp are still working on message recall functionality and has partially enabled some of their servers to support the revoke feature. It is yet to be widely rolled out to users and when it does, could be a welcome addition for most users who like to recall a wrongly sent message. More bug fixes, new features are incoming which will be confirmed eventually as the current Android, iOS versions come out of the beta channel.

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