WhatsApp Will List Latest Photos and Lets You Search Emojis

WhatsApp Search Emojis

WhatsApp has been continuously rolling out one feature after the other.

Many of them are available in the app but has been hidden by default to give developers the time to fix the bugs before a global rollout takes place.

Live location sharing has been in the beta for a very long time now and it might take some more time for the developers to bring it out. The app will soon let you instantly allow you to friends or family to know where you are. The practical possibilities of this feature are endless as it will make it easy to keep track of people who are travelling alone to a new location. But, more importantly it will be primarily used to identify one’s location and meet him or her without having to fumble with the maps.


Obviously, it is also going to lead to a lot of privacy issues and the app provides the privacy settings you need to keep your location hidden when it is not needed. Similarly, WhatsApp Android beta 2.17.202 is also adding a new feature. Whenever you open your camera app within whatsApp, it will list all the last taken photos making it easy to immediately forward one or send it to a group. Instead of showing you the view of the camera, this comes in handy as you don’t have to click to open the browse folder to send photos. The feature however is disabled by default on Android devices and it is already available on iOS devices named as the Stripe feature.

In order to stop people from accidentally sharing their location, as soon as you activate the feature the app will send an alert notification. It will request the user to confirm whether they would like to open live location sharing and make use of the phone’s internet connection to identify their spot. Such additional layers of security ensure you don’t accidentally click on the feature and forget to turn it off.

WhatsApp Search Emojis

The developer didn’t explain how the search emoji feature in WhatsApp will work but it is soon to be released making it easy to find the emoji you like. With so many new emojis getting launched every day, it is difficult to find it and being able to search based on your emotion saves some time spent in scrolling through the huge list. Some users have reported issues related to WhatsApp latest beta not working. You can download the latest version from the official website to make it work again.