WhatsApp Android 2.17.295 Features Payments, Beta Testing to Begin in US, India First


The latest WhatsApp beta for Android version 2.17.295 is out now.

As with every other update, the developers are experimenting with lots of new features so as to make the app more intuitive, easy to use and fun.

The app is now being increasingly used by business establishments, professionals and people who need to stay in touch all the time. With such an increase in usage, obviously a lot of users want more features within the app. The newest and the most interesting update of them all is the ability to send or receive payments through WhatsApp. While the feature has been in beta testing for a long time now, it seems to be reaching completion at the moment. Instead of introducing the payments feature in all regions at once, the team has some special plans and will focus on completely different regions first.

WhatsApp has millions of users in India and USA which is obviously their primary market. The ability to send payments through the Android version of WhatsApp will first be rolled out in India, USA, UK and Poland. For some undisclosed reasons, the team believes these regions are the best fit to test beta transactions. Besides, it has also been confirmed that at first users will only be able to send small amounts of money. It is expected that the transaction will be limited to $50 or $100 because the idea is to not create an alternate to bank but rather make minor transactions possible through the app.

A screenshot of the payment user interface has been posted online giving users a glimpse of what to expect when it gets launched. The screen reads that you can do immediate transfers to bank with UPI and request the user to agree to the terms to continue. The feature is hidden at the moment on WhatsApp and will be revealed at a later time. It will not be rolled out en masse to all users in the specified countries but will only be introduced to specific people and their friends, so that they can swap currency between them.

The developers have to be extra careful now as they have to deal with banks and WhatsApp on Android 2.17.295 will also receive multiple security updates so that it works as intended. More on the same will be revealed by the developers when the beta version is rolled out to the Google Play Store with the hidden features disclosed to the general public. Can WhatsApp be a reliable way to send and receive money? It might be if done right!

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