WhatsApp Beta 2.17.20 for Windows Phone Now Has Forward Message Feature

WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone

WhatsApp developers are working on a new beta version for the Windows Phone.

A new update suggests it will add a new functionality, allowing users to forward statuses.

The list of features available on WhatsApp on iOS and Android is much different from the Windows Phone version. The device that lacks a huge user base like the other two platforms is growing at a slow pace. The ability to forward statuses may not bring about a huge change in the way users interact with the app. However, it is coming with WhatsApp Beta 2.17.20 version for WP.

WhatsApp Beta 2.17.20

Another important update coming to the device is that when you have the Vcard of a contact already available with you, the app will detect it if the contact messages you. A popup window will prompt asking you whether you like to save it in your contacts or not. It saves a lot of time and makes it easy to keep track of contacts rather than forgetting their names all the time.

A lot of new features including structured messages are being rolled out in iOS and Android WhatsApp Beta versions. We had a couple of updates on the same earlier but the windows phones seem to be the last device to be updated these days. Microsoft is slowly going out of the market with very little models that are being made available in stores.

WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone

The future of Windows Phone seems bit unclear because WhatsApp has also announced that they will soon discontinue support for all older devices. It is not only applicable for WP but also for Android and iOS devices. The developers wanted to strongly focus on the upcoming models as well as optimize the app so that it runs seamlessly on all devices. Trying to roll out updates for very old hardware limits their possibilities which has prompted the team to stop supporting older models.

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