WhatsApp Beta for Android Updated to Version 2.16.363

WhatsApp Beta Version 2.16.365

Facebook’s WhatsApp is used more than any other instant messaging application at the moment. The service already has a massive user base of over a billion monthly active users and the number will grow even huger with the launch of video calling function. The App’s users can also include GIFs in their messages after the feature was added some time back.

With such large number and new features coming from time to time, WhatsApp developers have to stay awake to watch on bugs which are likely to arise in many occasions. In that regard, the team has formed a habit of releasing frequent beta updates to thoroughly test these new features to the finest tune and thwart arising bugs. The updates are numerous but today’s article talks about version 2.16.363 recently released for Android OS beta testing community.

As with hundreds of beta updates this update brings nothing new. However, bugs and other issues in the previous release have been taken care of along with system stability enhancements. To recall, the update includes all features including the acclaimed video calling, recently added support for GIFs, Two-step verification process, document sharing etc. Messages sent via the popular chat client are also protected by default end-to-end data encryption protocol. WhatsApp and third parties can not listen to your calls, read your texts or watch your videos behind your back.

Concerning the most recent inclusion, video calling. WhatsApp said the call will use cellular data or Wi-Fi connection and has been optimized for usage in countries with poor internet coverage. The feature is also compatible with phones running on the older operating system and is available on cross-platform. Finally, it is available on Android, iOS, and Windows which are the App’s most active platform. There is no version for the desktop client yet. It is also rumored that the company is working on group video calling function which may arrive soon.


How to download and install WhatsApp 2.16.363 Beta

As been mentioned, the update is still in beta phase meaning you will not get it by simply updating your regular app from the Google Play Store. To get this version, you must enroll in WhatsApp beta testing program on Google Play website by tapping “BECOME A TESTER” icon. As a registered member you can now install the update directly from the official Android store.

Note that beta versions may contain bugs, errors and may easily crash. Such cases are rarely reported for WhatsApp beta versions but in case you see anything uncommon thing it’s advisable to report so that the developers can correct them in the subsequent releases.

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