Dishonored 2 Hardly Justifies PS4 Pro Specs, Shows Multiple Performance Issues on PCs

Dishonored 2

Buying a PS4 Pro console is primarily for the 4K performance it is supposed to deliver but the people at Digital Foundry had confirmed that Dishonored 2 fails at multiple instances to justify the hardware.

Sony introduced the Playstation 4 Pro as a mid-life upgrade for their existing console. It promised better 4K gaming experience in many scenarios even though native UHD is a far cry for the existing hardware. While some games were properly optimized for the Pro, many are not. Dishonored 2 stands as a solid proof for the same as it aims to deliver below average performance on this supposedly powerful platform.


Digital Foundry had the opportunity to test the game on Xbox One S, PS4 Pro, PS4 and PC platforms. The frame rate is locked at 30 making it much easier for the game to run on all consoles. The limited FPS ensures it feels smooth but when it comes to demanding scenarios with complex, large scale areas the frame rate dip is evident. The PS4 Pro version and other console editions can go down to 20 FPS making the game literally unplayable at specific points.

The game is poorly optimized which is evident as the developers decided to adopt the revamped id Tech engine instead of Unreal 3. A dire mistake without doubt because it performs bad and there has been multiple reports claiming lower frame rates. When the game was tested on a PC powered by a Titan X Pascal card, the top of the line model designed for 4K gaming, it stuttered a lot and couldn’t maintain at 60 FPS with ultra graphics. The big takeaway in this is that the game was actually running in 1080p and not 4K as confirmed by Digital Foundry. It dips all the time in such a high end card.

An equally mediocre performance was witnessed on the PS4 Pro console. If the game runs on a 1080p display, it tries to maintain 30 FPS and if you try to move to a 4K television, it is mandatory to switch the game to 1080p mode for a proper gameplay experience. The downgrade defies the purpose of owning a powerful, new generation console and Dishonored 2 developers are to be blamed.

PS4 Pro

Performance issues in porting are consistent on most new PC games and consoles are hiding them with lower frame rates, resolution in a time where graphical hardware is powerful. There is no word from the developers to roll out a patch for consoles to fix the problems.

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