WhatsApp Beta for Android 2.18.370 Rolls Out Group Call Shortcut Feature


WhatsApp for Android Beta version 2.18.370 is rolling out an update that enables a shortcut for users to make WhatsApp group calls.

As of now, it is in the beta testing stage and the beta version for iOS ( already has this feature. The move is one more in a series of enhancements in user experience being attempted by Facebook owned WhatsApp.


One Tap WhatsApp Group Call Shortcut

Ever since the group calling facility was introduced, you have to first call one person in the group and after getting connected you had to go back to the group calling button on top and then add the others to the call. The latest WhatsApp Beta for Android will now enable you to this in a much easier way. With this improvement, the moment you tap on a group in your WhatsApp app, you will find a telephone icon on top by tapping on which, you will be presented with the details of the members within the group. You just have to tap on the ones you wish to include in this call. You will again be asked to choose between a voice call and a video call and you are good to go. You should note that the list that appears will only have the group members who are also in your contacts list.

WhatsApp Group Call Shortcut

Other Recent Changes in WhatsApp

WhatsApp had brought in an update just ahead of this one tap group calling feature in which if you send consecutive voice messages, the recipient will find that they are being played one after the other without the user having to do anything. Before this, you had to go back and keep tapping the Play button on each of the voice messages to listen to them.

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Both the WhatsApp group call shortcut and the consecutive voice messages playing updates will reach all user across the world in stages. It will be done through remote updating and your device could get it soon. Just keep looking out for any WhatsApp updates being notified on your phone. All these and the earlier one on chatting with one member of a group separately are all meant to make the use of the messaging app more customer-friendly.

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