Latest WhatsApp Beta for Android to Roll Out New Features: ‘Forwarding Info’, ‘Frequently Forwarded’ and ‘Short Link’


WhatsApp is about to introduce a host of new features on its messaging app in the latest WhatsApp Beta for Android.

These are still work in progress and are called ‘Short Link’, ‘Forwarding Info’ and ‘Frequently Forwarded’. Here are the details of these features.

‘Short Link’ for WhatsApp Business Users

Only those users who have the beta version of WhatsApp can use this feature on their phones. It may be possible to get this in some older versions too but having the latest version helps. The WhatsApp Business program is currently operating full. You may have to wait your turn if you are not already in. When you have opened the Settings on WhatsApp Business, it will appear like this:

WhatsApp Business Short link

You can see the ‘Short Link’ feature in the above image and WhatsApp is able to assign a URL that you can use to send to your customers to click on and engage in a chat with you. This Short Link feature has been made available to the Android users earlier with the WhatsApp beta for Android 2.18.138 version.

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‘Forwarding Info’: Find Out If Your Msg was Forwarded

The other feature which WhatsApp may release in the near future is called Forwarding Info and it is being tested on 2.19.80 beta update. Here, you have to reach the Message info box where you can see this:

Whatsapp forward mesage

As you can notice, the last line says Forwarded 1 time. Obviously, if it has been forwarded more than once it will appear here. It should be clarified here that this facility is available only on the message you sent.

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‘Frequently Forwarded’: If it Exceeds 4 Forwards

This feature is an improvement on the previous ‘Forwarding Info’ feature. If a message gets forwarded more than 4 times, it is categorized as ‘Frequently Forwarded’ and it appears on the messages when delivered to you in the inbox. WhatsApp may use this as the tool to identify such messages which get forwarded too many times as suspect or containing fake or mischievous and action can be taken accordingly. The relevant page looks like this.

Whatsapp Business frequently forward