WhatsApp Beta Version Now Available for Free Download, Works with iOS 6.0 or Higher


Much ahead of the official launch, WhatsApp iOS beta version number has been released and you can download it right now on your Apple phones.

While the developer team has worked on a number of features, they always take their own time when rolling out updates. In such scenario, users who are impatient and need the updates quickly should go with beta files available from reliable resources. The one provided now is a perfect version and has a lot of Reddit discussions going on to help you out.

Whatsapp Beta

Users who own an iPhone that runs iOS 6.0 operating system or higher can download the new Whatsapp beta version. The download link has been provided at the end of the article for your convenience. But, before you do so it is important to take some precautionary methods. If you are a savvy user who downloads manual updates regularly, you might probably have a good idea of how it works.

Keeping a backup of all your data is mandatory before you try the new version. The update is stable but if you install Whatsapp beta and try to roll back to a previous version, it will erase all your messages. With so many important conversations taking place within the app, you don’t want to lose them all and try to retrieve them through other methods. The only way to get back your chat history is to download it from the official Whatsapp servers.

In order to download the file, make sure you are clicking on the link from your iPhone. Trying it from a computer won’t work as the file is made to work directly on your iOS 6.0 operating system and all latest versions. The unofficial development team that releases these updates are not directly linked to the company. However, they are reliable and doesn’t distribute any malware or spam content.

Whatsapp Beta Version

The official Whatsapp beta bot Twitter page confirmed the availability of the new version. Follow the instructions on the reddit page. An Android version of the Whatsapp beta version could be in the works but there is no update on the same. Besides, users who prefer waiting for the official update should probably skip these beta versions as they may cause instability in some devices. Here is the link that you can use to download the update.

Make sure you have a back up of your data before you try this out. Let us know your experience!

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