WhatsApp is Bringing New Locked Recording Feature and Increasing Duration to Delete Messages

WhatsApp Locked Recording

The team behind WhatsApp is bringing some of the most wanted features to Android, iOS and some of them are even coming to the Windows Phone.

Users will no longer have to hold the microphone icon to record a message and it is possible to delete sent messages almost an hour later.

WhatsApp Recording

With every new update, WhatsApp developers aim to make life easier for users. The majority of their updates are rolled out on Android first before it’s introduced to the iOS version. A similar update for Android 2.18.69 is about to be rolled out which will provide ample time for users to delete a wrong message after sending it. Previously, it was limited to four minutes and then to a couple of seconds before it becomes irreversible. The latest version allows you to delete the message for everyone within 4096 seconds of sending it. When converted into minutes, it comes to 68 minutes and 16 seconds providing you ample time to make a decision.

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The development team has confirmed that they will bring it to the iOS version of WhatsApp soon. The new update for Android is also expected to fix an issue where users found their app crashed every time they tried to send a Gif to a friend or a group. If they couldn’t roll out the update in time, the bug fix may be postponed to the next update. The information was revealed by WABetaInfo, the Twitter channel in which most new updates were previously revealed before the official update was rolled out.

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Sending voice messages is an important feature in WhatsApp but there is an issue associated with it. The developers probably assumed that people wouldn’t send more than few seconds of voice messages. In recent times, many long messages are being sent. In order to successfully record the message, you should hold the microphone icon on the app for long. It has been a cumbersome experience so far which WhatsApp will fix in the next Android update.

When the new feature rolls out, you have to tap on the mic icon once and within 0.5 seconds, the user interface will and show you a new icon. In this new UI, the microphone icon will be permanently locked. There is no need to hold on to the icon when recording. You should activate it by sliding the mic icon into the lock icon on top of the WhatsApp interface after which you can record as many voice messages as you like without having to keep holding the button.

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