Avengers Infinity War to Hit the International Screens on April 27 – Disappointed Fans Vent on Social Media

Avengers Infinity War

What would happen if you are served with the desserts before dinner? What will your reaction be if you win the lottery on the ticket you found lying on the street?

From New York to California, streets witnessed similar reaction from the Marvel Fans! Three month long wait…? For the enchanting fans, waiting for three long months for Infinity Wars to hit the theaters was too much of a wait.

Avengers Infinity War

‘The Avengers’ series had set a trend of releasing a new movie in late April every year. However, this year, Infinity Wars is scheduled to be released on April 27th in the international markets like India, a week prior to release in the U.S, which could possibly have given space for spoilers. With this, we can say, “Indeed, the age of stereotype break is here!”

Infinity Wars trailer was released on February 5 and the release date was set to May 4, much to the disappointment of the fans. However, Twitter and Facebook were found cacophonous last evening with Infinity Wars’ fans over Marvel Studio’s tweet.

The question is “How did it all start”? Below is the conversation between Iron Man – Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel Studios!

All that we can say is that it was a fun and interesting way to promote the movie alongside engaging the fans!

This is not the end, there is more to it! The fight between DC and Marvel fans started as soon as a few DC fans were complaining about it. Adding the spice were the hilarious answers of the Marvel Fans!

Well, the Avengers may have an Infinity War, but the clash between the DC and Marvel fans does not seem to end until infinity.

Not just Facebook but Twitter too was bombarded with tweets from the fans. The fumes of Black Panther had yet not settled, the fire of Avengers – Infinity War releasing on April 27th sparked!

From Twitter and Facebook posts and reactions, we can judge the enthusiasm of the fans breaking the roof!

Apart from the fans, the Movie Pundits have already started speculating on the reasons behind preponing the release date. Some say, in order to get the Infinity Wars highest opening while others found the reason in a release clash between Deadpool 2 and Infinity War.


Whatever be the reason, whoever might be predicting them, the last laugh will be with the Marvel Studios and Marvel fans on April 27.

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