WhatsApp Enterprise and Structured Messages Expected for Business Users – iOS and Android App Get New Features


WhatsApp Enterprise is a brand new platform designed for business users and it will have structured messages monitored by an administrator.

As more and more people are switching to WhatsApp as their primary communication platform, developers find themselves in a situation where they are supposed to offer something unique for them all. Many professionals and organizations use it for group communications. Geared to help them send messages and monitor groups with custom controls, new structured messages are coming to the app.

WhatsApp Enterprise

One of the unique features of this service is that irrespective of the language typed in, the recipient will see the message translated in their own language. The concept will make it easier for people in the U.S., China and other parts of the world to collaborate for business needs. They can type in English and it will automatically be translated into Chinese or German based on the preferred language of the recipient.

The WhatsApp Enterprise features will be rolled out on iOS, Windows Phone and Android platforms. They are still in their early development stages and may not make their way to the beta channel until the team has perfected it. Facebook, the company that owns the messaging application uses JSON files to manage structured messages. WhatsApp may use the same technology as its parent company or they could develop a completely new platform designed to make it easier to manage on smartphones.

Apart from these updates, the web and desktop version of the app is about to receive newer updates. WhatsApp Web update 0.2.3120 will allow users to browse emojis in full screen and browse through recently used emojis. The Desktop version 0.2.2739 is now available for download from the Mac store for those who use the app on their Macbook and other Macintosh devices.

Whatsapp Browse Emojis

Media limit is about to be increased from the usual 10 to 30 files at once. An useful feature that most users would appreciate. While it was disabled in the last WhatsApp Android beta version 2.17.8, the newer 2.17.9 increases the media limit to 30 as reported. The same change is applied on iOS version where users can now share 30 files at once without being restricted. The Android version may soon get a shortcut icon to access the photo gallery quickly to share photos but it is yet to be confirmed in the beta channel. More reports on the WA Beta Info Twitter channel is expected in the following days.

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