WhatsApp Gold Pro Version – Have You Upgraded?

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WhatsApp, the most used messaging app on the planet with a following of over 1 billion people, is a major target for scammers and hackers.

It has happened before and it will probably never stop happening as hackers look for ways to get money from the innocent people using the app. At the moment, there seems to be scam doing rounds with a trick that is luring users into “upgrading” to a newer and premium version known as WhatsApp Gold. According to the publishers of this premium version of WhatsApp, there are more advanced features on board, features that are usually meant for celebs and prominent persons.

If you have been invited to upgrade your current free subscription to the paid-for WhatsApp Gold version, don’t be fooled in any way. This is part of a new scam that is circulating the web with the usual aim of ripping money from innocent persons using the chat app.

What the hacker wants is for you to download the said premium version that is meant for celebrities and once the app is installed, they can have the malicious code embedded inside the app executed and hence perform its intended task, be it fishing out your personal details and send them to the hacker or even any other malicious activities.

Touted WhatsApp Gold features are rumored to be coming to WhatsApp later this year

WhatsApp Gold developers are certainly aware of the trending news as far as the Facebook-owned app is concerned. It has been rumored that a WhatsApp video calling feature is soon coming. However, WhatsApp Gold reportedly has this feature on board. In addition, it tricks users into downloading the app by claiming that they will be able to delete messages they have sent by mistake, similar to what Telegram offers, as well as allow them to send up to 100 photos at once, 90 more than what the current app offers.

WhatsApp Gold

At the moment, it cannot be determined how many of the more than 1 billion people that use WhatsApp have been targeted by this scam. The alert comes with a link that when clicked will lead you to a website that is believed to be a home of malicious software.

In case you see any message related to WhatsApp Gold, don’t even bother opening it, instead, delete it with immediate effect.

To grab yourself a genuine version of WhatsApp, always make sure you get it via the Google Play Store for Android users while iPhone users can get it from the iTunes App Store.

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