WhatsApp for iOS Will Soon Support Apple’s Live Photos


Apple’s iPhone 6S and 6S Plus surprised the world when they were released with a feature known as Live Photos. This where you get a video-like photo that covers a few seconds before and after the shot is taken.

This year, iPhone SE joined the Live Photos party, a party that has also been extending to a variety of platforms, with WhatsApp now the latest to be touted to be offer this support. Don’t be too excited as apparently, the feature has only been spotted in the beta version of the iOS app, but it is not known whether it will be availed in the next stable release of WhatsApp for iOS.

At the time of this writing, it is only possible to capture Live Photos on the three latest handsets from Apple, but those using iOS 9 on older handsets can still receive, view as well as share these photos. However, WhatsApp wants users to be able to do more with their Live Photos. In the latest beta version, users are able to share these photos via the chat app, but the Live Photo will instead be animated into a GIF before it can be shared.

WhatsApp Live Photos

When you attempt to send a Live Photo via WhatsApp at the moment, it comes as a still image. However, there are millions of users who would probably love to see the Live Photos effect, something that might soon become a reality.

In addition to supporting Live Photos, the new WhatsApp beta also comes with a nifty addition to the video capabilities of the chat app. As mentioned, it is possible to send video messages via the app, but the improved version now lets users zoom into videos when shooting them in order to get the best views for the recipients.

With the Rio Olympics 2016 fast approaching, the Facebook-owned app has also gone ahead to equip the latest version with Olympics-themed emojis. But since the app is still in beta, there is no way you can have it on your phone for now, unless you join the beta testing team. Given that the beta version is known to be prone to vulnerabilities and bugs, it is better to wait for the release of the stable version, which should be really soon. We will be here to let you know when this happens, just keep following us.

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