WhatsApp Latest Stable Version – Here’re the New Features


There is no arguing that WhatsApp is constantly evolving to bring out the best features possible as well as improve the user experience.

According to the rumor mill, there are quite a number of features that the app is planning to add to the current rich list in a bid to add more users to the over 1 billion that already use the app. These features are set to revolutionize everything you know about this app, however, they are still in their development stage.

WhatsApp Voice-Mail

WhatsApp introduced the ability to make voice calls early last year. However, the company wants to make this feature smarter by adding a voice mail service similar to what traditional carriers offer. If you have ever faced an angry friend because of a missed WhatsApp call, this will be no more thanks to the upcoming Voice Mail feature.

This will mean that users will be able to personalize and automate voicemail messages that can be sent to contacts who try to reach them when unavailable.

Security and convenience

WhatsApp is aware of the threat posed by hackers. In a bid to ensure that no third party can intercept conversations between two people, the app is forcing end-to-end encryption into both messaging and calling services. As for the messaging services, this also includes group chats. Furthermore, the app wants you to enjoy convenience when reading messages thanks to a new button that appears just below the conversation which, when hit, will take you to the latest message sent in the group.

QR Codes

If you have seen how Snapchat codes operate, you will be very familiar with WhatsApp QR codes. This feature will allow users of this app to go into conversations with people they don’t have their numbers. This will further make the process of adding contacts to WhatsApp a lot easier than it currently is.

WhatsApp Video Calling For iOS

What Snapchat does is use Snaptags to create unique QR codes for each user of the app. Whenever another Snapchat user points their camera at the Snaptag, the corresponding person will automatically be taken in as a friend.

Video calling

WhatsApp voice calling was introduced early last year. Ever since then, the story of a video calling feature has never ceased showing up on different tech sites. While it has yet to feature in the stable version, you can be sure that it is around the corner thanks to the fact that it has made several appearances in beta versions of the app.

This means that your camera will be ready to jump into video mode whenever you start making a WhatsApp voice call.

Unfortunately, none of these features is currently ready and available for use on the stable version of this chat app. However, it won’t be long before they start showing up.

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