WhatsApp Latest Version 2.16.77 – Staying Connected through Flawless Integration with your Computer

WhatsApp Video Calling For iOS

WhatsApp is the most popular application for mobile messaging and has recently been updated with the 2.16.77 version released this May.

The update comes with a build number of 451152 with respect to the APK, download file. It is a free download weighing 27.94 MB and is compatible with all Android phones. Voice calling is now available for everyone.

Web Client

In addition, the Web option is also available in the menu, so you can use the application on our browser. In order to access the PC client, you have to download the latest version on your phone and click on menu, opt for WhatsApp Web and then open chrome or any other browser on your PC to connect your account. Next, the QR code has to be scanned from the PC screen.

What’s New?

Just like the previous small updates that appeared from time to time, the latest update 2.16.77 also doesn’t offer any dramatic change for the application. The user interface remains the same and the features continue as before. But the positive side is that there are some bug fixes along with enhancement in stability and the performance of the application. All this has resulted in a smoother user experience that is more reliable.

A Beta Release

The new update is only a beta one, so you can expect that there will be some bugs initially. Users can download the beta release earlier on, before the update is released in the PlayStore. However, it is unlikely that the app will experience any serious bugs, as WhatsApp is by now a very stable app and the new update does not bring in any new feature.

How to Download

If you want to download the new update 2.16.77 APK, you can go to the links found on the website and download this version. The file can then be copied on the SD card of your phone and can be opened from the phone’s file manager for installation.

New Beta Features

Though there is no dramatic change or addition of any significant features, there are a few interesting additions. For instance, you can now reply to a new message from the notification. Secondly, you can select photos or videos from the camera on your phone, by making taps on the camera button within the chat. If you want to change the wallpaper for your chat screen, you can choose from many solid colors. Multiple chats can be muted or archived and even deleted simultaneously. This can be done by tapping and holding on the chat in the chatting tab and tapping on the chats for selecting them. Moreover, text can be formatted using special characters, for instance * bold* or _ italics _ and ~ strikethrough~.

Downloading the Update

Even if you have downloaded the APK version from a website, you can still update the application later on from your phone PlayStore. Once the PlayStore detects a newer version compared to the one that the user has sideloaded, the update will start commencing automatically. The new version comes with a file size of 25.4 MB.

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