Whatsapp Outage Fixed but a New Bug on Pinned Chat Emerges

Whatsapp Outage Fixed

The team behind Whatsapp is working very hard to ensure the best user experience.

At the same time, millions of users expect the developers to add new features that leads to an unprecedented level of bugs that mar overall experience.

The problem with Whatsapp right now is that the app is too big to fail at any point but it went on a huge outage just a day ago. Users in Brazil, India and Spain were the ones who got affected on a large scale. The fact that Brazil and India has the largest population made the outage even more difficult to handle than it originally should have been. It took them a couple of hours and finally the developers managed to fix the issue one step at a time.

Whatsapp Outage Fixed but a New Bug

For those of you who weren’t affected, Whatsapp all of a sudden displayed a message that the service is experiencing issues in select countries. The situation didn’t affect everyone as the app uses multiple servers located all over the world. The real reason behind this temporary outage is not known at the moment but it won’t be long before they come up with an explanation.

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New features like verified business, pinned chats and structured messages are being withheld primarily for this reason. The Whatsapp team doesn’t want to make their app blackout suddenly due to a bug and make it impossible to send or receive a message. It could cause a lot of chaos at this point as the app is not only used for individual communication but business and brands rely on it for their internal communication. Despite all these measures, the pinned chat feature on iOS which is yet to be fully rolled out has a serious bug.

Whatsapp Pinned Chat Emerges

By default, the app is supposed to allow only 5 to 6 messages or group chats to be pinned. It will ensure there are no confusions in the date and all other new messages will be displayed right below the pinned chats. An unidentified bug emerged that allowed users to pin as many chats as they like to, creating a huge issue in terms of date and time in other messages.

As a result, the bug had the potential to make Whatsapp go completely awry and serious damage to data if it persists. Pinned chats is still not available for all users and a bug fix is expected to be rolled out soon on iOS devices. Business and brands can use Whatsapp to fix working hours, get verified star and also provide their location which will be connected with the share location feature, soon to be introduced in Whatsapp.

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