Whatsapp for Small and Medium Business is Only on Android OS, No Word on iOS Edition


The real reason that made the developers of Whatsapp create a new app for small and medium business only on Android operating system remains a mystery but there is no word on the iOS version yet.

Of late, a lot of new features and interesting new additions are found on Whatsapp Android. The latest version of the app available is the Android version 2.17.316. While it doesn’t have anything to directly do with the small and medium business app, it does bring in a feature to make quoting messages easier. The latest version of the app allows users to simply tap on any message bubble and when they start typing, it will instantly be added as a quoted message.

The advantage is that when in a business or a professional environment, users often have to quote a message in an individual or a group conversation so as to let others know to what they are responding to. Previously, the message has to be tapped to be selected and you have to specify whether you like to quote it or forward it. By default, most users would quote a message than forward it which is why the developers have made this as a default feature and to make conversations easier than they used to be.

Whatsapp for Small and Medium Business

Whatsapp for Android will also soon be updated with stickers similar to Instagram to make conversations more lively and fun. At present, the plain green looks of the app is very professional and hardly has any scope for young people to hop onto the app. However, they have over a billion people using it daily and adding stickers would lighten up the mood even  for business users. There is no word on whether Whatsapp for small and business users will be a standalone app or an add-on to the current app with tweaked interface and improved functionality.

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In order to support their plan, the developers are already rolling out additional features like the ability to send different file formats through the app, make use of servers to store large files and share them through Whatsapp and pinned conversations among many others. Structured messages is one of the most rumored features of them all that is under development for a long time now.

whatsapp only Andriod os

The new announcement that Whatsapp for Small and Medium business is in the making prove that all these additional components when put together will provide a viable platform for business users, so that they could communicate with ease.

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