[Update: It’s back] WhatsApp is down for most parts of the globe


WhatsApp has the largest user base of any instant messaging application and more often than not, the app is sometimes subject to attacks from different corners of the world.

The fact that WhatsApp servers also have a lot to deal with as far as user requests are concerned, it’s sometimes “normal” for server outages to occur. In this same regard, there’s a growing concern among the millions of people that are already using the app, where the app is reportedly down.

Personally, I can confirm that my phone is unable to send or receive any WhatsApp messages and this has been so for the past one hour or so. A quick look on Twitter also reveals the many people that are frustrated with this outage, which appears to have just crept in not so long ago.

WhatsApp users in Europe, Asia, and Africa can confirm that the service is not working at this point in time and while the cause is still unknown, we expect the Facebook-owned app to come in with a quick solution sooner than later. Considering how much people rely on WhatsApp for communications, such an outage could easily undermine their daily activities.

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