How WhatsApp Scores over Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger – The Good and the Bad

It comes with a clean interface that informs users whether the contacts are online or not. You can also send messages to non-Messenger friends using their phone number. In addition to messages, you can send stickers or voice messages and use the Chat Heads on the phone for quick messaging, without opening the app every time. It allows free international calls and sharing of location.

However, you cannot log out from the application itself, as there is no such button. You have to go to Settings and then to Manage Applications. Notifications also cannot be completely disabled.

WhatsApp – The Good and the Bad

It is well run and uses your phone number for setting up accounts. You can chat with individuals or groups, send videos or pictures as well as location data. There are many interesting emoticons that can spice up the conversation and it also offers support for voice calls.

However, it is light and does not offer many extras. It does not have mini games and there is no video calling option. You cannot log out from the app, as it makes use of your phone number.


Which is Better?

There are several areas in which WhatsApp clearly scores over Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp is a low data application and has little functionality, which makes it perfect for a mobile phone. In addition, Messenger can only be used if you are on Facebook and you have to add the person as an FB friend in order to chat with them. However, this point is not very relevant now, as Messenger now allows a person to join the application with their phone numbers alone, but it has affected the growth of the app previously. On the other hand, in case of WhatsApp, you only need the number of the other person on your phone or the other person must have your number in order to chat with each other.

Ease of Use

For one, WhatsApp is able to support more number of platforms and various devices. You can use WhatsApp on several smartphones operating on iOS or Android and even Windows as well as on Nokia S40, which is not a smartphone. Secondly, you don’t have to add your friends manually, as the app is able to scan the contact list on your phone and adds them on to your friends list in WhatsApp. Thirdly, WhatsApp is able to detect even a weak Wi Fi and immediately prompts users to make use of their 2G or 3G or even 4G connections as the case may be. On the other hand Messenger keeps attempting to send or receive a message, though the signal is weak, which is quite irritating when you are trying to send a message across quickly.

Features and Security

The features on both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are almost the same, so there is nothing much to choose between the two. However, even in this aspect, WhatsApp allows users to share a contact, which is missing in Messenger. The end-to-end encryption feature is an additional new feature in WhatsApp that offers more security to users and the message that they send.

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