WhatsApp is Testing New Features – Group Invite Links, Selfie Flash and More

WhatsApp 4G

WhatsApp has a new beta version in place and it carries a few nifty features that are not yet available on the stable Play Store version.

The tech giant is fond of releasing numerous beta versions of the app as it looks to perfect the new offerings as well as old features that are still buggy. In WhatsApp v2.16.285, you have the latest beta version of the chat app. As usual, the beta is only available to a section of beta testers, but you can also be part of the program by going through the Google Play Store beta program.

In addition to bringing fixes to bugs and errors, the new WhatsApp version also comes with a bunch of new features that many will love. Once the app is updated, those who are group admins on the platform will have new super powers. When adding new participants, current users of the stable version can only do so by selecting numbers from a list and simply add them. Now, in the updated version, group admins can use an “Invite to group via link” option that sits atop the usual contacts list.

Once this button is tapped, a unique URL is generated and this can be shared with other people in any of three ways: it can be sent via another messaging app, written to an NFC tag or encoded through a QR code. It is even possible to revoke any link that you had previously sent at a later time, just in case you change your mind, thus stopping the affected persons from eventually joining the group.

Is this a feature that is meant for the average WhatsApp user? Probably not. However, large business organizations would welcome the feature when trying to add many people into a group chat as they only need to supply the link via email, for instance.


The new WhatsApp v2.16.285 also comes with another exciting feature – ability to forward a single message to multiple contacts at once. This saves more time than having to share the message differently to individual contacts. When forwarding the said messages, you will notice a list of the people you frequently chat with appearing at the top so that you can easily pick one, just in case.

Those who enjoy sharing videos on the platform will also enjoy a newly added feature that lets them zoom in and out of a live video recording session by sliding the finger up and down. Last but not least, the latest version of WhatsApp also wants you to have better selfies regardless of the time of the day. Apparently, there is a new flash feature that comes to life when using the front-facing camera. This feature helps bring more light to the face when in a poorly-lit room and you want to capture a selfie.

WhatsApp is expected to unveil a video calling feature very soon, but unlike the rest of the features mentioned above, this one has yet to make an official appearance in the beta versions for testing purposes.

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