WhatsApp Tips and Tricks – How to Check Last Seen Without Opening Messages


WhatsApp is the most used mobile messaging app in the world, boasting a monthly active user base of over 1.1 billion people.

The app banks on the facts that it is easy to use, free to download and install as well as available on multiple devices, including PCs and mobile phones. In addition, the app also offers quite a wide range of features that make the entire messaging and calling experience among the best, if not the best.

Now, given the huge number of features that keep growing every day, it might be hard to know and use everything that is available on the app. In this article, we will be showing you one of the best tricks you should know when using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp introduced the blue ticks feature to help tell when someone has read or rather opened your message. In addition, you can also see the Last Seen status of your friend on the chat app, which basically tells you when was the last time your friend logged into the app.

If someone sends you a WhatsApp message and you really don’t want to open it but you also want to know their Last Seen status, there is a nifty trick you can use. When the message comes in, don’t open it directly from the notification, instead, go the app’s main launcher icon and start the app from there. With the app now open, you can see the list of chats that are yet to be opened.


Rather than open a message in order to see the Last Seen status of your friend, simply tap and hold on it and when it is selected, hit the three-doted menu icon. There you will have several options, with one of them being to View contact. Tap this option and the person’s contact information page will show up. This page has details of the sender’s Last Seen status as well as their status update and phone number.

When done, go back to the original WhatsApp chat list page and you should see the message appearing as unread. However, you will only be able to see this Last Seen status if none of you has hidden it.

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