WhatsApp Updates: Fingerprint Lock, Albums, Rebranding, Account Ban, Beta Versions for Android and More

WhatsApp is known to constantly bring changes for the betterment of the messaging experience for users across all platforms.

It’s common to see new features and updates now and then once every few months in its Android and iOS mobile applications, however, the company has not left behind the WhatsApp Web interface.

In this article, let us see what updates have been planned for WhatsApp Web interface, what the latest beta version 2.19.222 for Android has in store and other upcoming features like Fingerprint unlock.

New Features for WhatsApp Web

In a recent report by WAbetaInfo, WhatsApp Web will be getting a new update, which will introduce two new features called Albums and Grouped Stickers. Although it seems pretty clear just by the names what these features are going to be for, let’s take a look at what they will do.

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Users will be able to group multiple photos and videos and other media in a single bubble by the Albums feature. This is quite similar to the feature in WhatsApp’s mobile apps. Moreover, the Grouped Stickers features for WhatsApp Web will work on the same principle as WhatsApp mobile apps. Like media grouping, sticker grouping will also group and arrange all stickers in one row, which is quite aesthetically pleasing.

Although the above features for WhatsApp Web have not been released yet, reports suggest that these features have been under testing for a while in an unreleased beta version. However, there is no info on when these new features for WhatsApp Web will be coming out – neither in the report nor in any official statement from WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp beta for Android 2.19.222

In addition to WhatsApp Web’s new media and sticker grouping features, WhatsApp mobile application for Android will also be getting some new features soon. As per the recent update submitted by WhatsApp to Google Play Beta Program, the beta version 2.19.222 for Android will bring about the change where the name is updated to ‘WhatsApp from Facebook‘, similar to the recently announced rebranding of Instagram. This update will also ban users in the Europe who don’t meet minimum age requirement of 16 years.

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Fingerprint Lock for WhatsApp

WhatsApp has introduced fingerprint lock feature for Android Beta users on Google Play Store. This feature WhatsApp has been working on for months, has been renamed from ‘Authentication’ or ‘Screen Lock’ to ‘Fingerprint Lock’. This feature will allow users to reply to WhatsApp messages right from the notifications slide-down drawer or even answer WhatsApp calls when the phone is locked. This feature was part of WhatsApp Beta version 2.19.221 so you must have updated to this version to enjoy this feature.

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The feature will have three options with which users can automatically lock the app. The three options are – “immediately”, “After 1 minute”, and “After 30 minutes”. You’ll also be able to activate or deactivate message context preview in your smartphone’s “New Message” notifications. WhatsApp’s home-screen widget’s content will also be hidden when this feature is activated by the users.