WhatsApp Updates : Old Status are Back and Support for Image Rotation Added

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

The changes being made to WhatsApp are many and the prominent one is already known. Old status messages are coming back to both iOS and Android version.

The text status messages that stayed permanently was loved by users but when WhatsApp developers introduced Snapchat inspired video and gif status which automatically is deleted in 24 hours, most users didn’t like it. The backlash was so much that they are now bringing the previous version back. The upcoming stable update for Android is 2.17.107 which will bring old status and it will be enabled by default on the app. There is no need to fiddle with the settings trying to find the disabled option.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

While focusing on Android and iOS platforms, the developers have also been consistently focusing on bringing them all to the Windows Phone. All the changes are being updated on WP platform till now. Apart from bringing old statuses back, the Android version 2.17.110 will have the option to let users rotate media file so that they could view them properly. It is a small yet useful feature as groups are filled with so many images, gifs that are sent in the wrong orientation at times. Being able to rotate them within the app and view them comes in handy. It is yet to be added to the latest update and might take time to be activated on Android devices.

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The Windows phone WhatsApp beta 2.17.106 has received a new feature which will notify all users in a group, whenever the group link is updated. A formal notification will be sent to users so that they know the old link is not valid. In order to invite new people to join, they should make use of the latest link. A screenshot of the same has been posted for you to get an idea.

WhatsApp for Android

The user base is pretty small on Windows Phones but they continue to stay relevant and are not being abandoned by the developers yet. The next Apple iOS version of WhatsApp 2.17.10 has been completed and sent to the company for final approval. Once they do, it will be rolled out to the app store so that you can receive the changes probably including the old status messages. It is to be seen how users react to the new status which if not accepted widely might be removed or may not receive any newer updates.

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