WhatsApp Brings Back Old Status Messages for iOS, Android Users among Other Improvements

WhatsApp beta for iOS

WhatsApp has brought back what users wanted – the old status messages to iOS and Android so as to not displeasure their huge audience base.

The team had an ambitious idea that came out more as a social networking feature than a messaging app. Users had to update a status every day which got pretty annoying from day one. The old status messages that you could create and leave it forever went missing. After the backlash on Google Play Store and App store reviews, developers decided to bring it back.

WhatsApp beta for iOS

As of now, the old version of status messages is now fully enabled in Windows Phone. For users who downloaded WhatsApp version 2.17.95 for Android from Play store, the same feature will be enabled by default and should work seamlessly as it has always had. However, if you have installed the updated app from the Play store and it didn’t show up, the problem may relate to the country live in. While they claim that it is available globally for all users, there might be a short delay for everyone to get this feature enabled.

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You can also try re-installing the app which might fix the issue but it’s not a confirmed solution. A couple of changes can be spotted in WhatsApp iOS The biggest of them is the ability to view rich notifications on your user interface. The long awaited feature is finally here but it is disabled by default and users won’t be able to access it until the developers decide to open it to the public. Additional changes include new colored icons for the group UI and the camera icon can now be used to change the group icon to better represent the list of people who are in it.

WhatsApp beta for iOS

The status messages will also be made available on iOS platforms as users unanimously wanted to have it and weren’t so fond of using the new status which automatically deletes messages in 24 hours. A greater than symbol has been added to the UI on Android version of WhatsApp next to the more option. There has been plenty of changes done to the app and all of them will be available for users on all platforms. Hidden ones will be revealed once developers have confirmed them to be stable to use. There is no update on whether the new Snapchat like status will be retained or removed from the app.

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