WhatsApp Version 2.16.10 for iPhone Gets Updated with Siri Integration


WhatsApp version 2.16.10 for the iPhone users just got updated bringing along with it an array of new features. This update comes in sync with the newly updated iOS 10.

There are also a few nifty features that have been added mostly to improve the in-app sharing. The update most importantly takes complete advantage of the integration of Siri with third-parties in iOS 10.


iOS 10 Updated Siri for WhatsApp version 2.16.10

The updated WhatsApp version 2.16.10 for the iPhone users comes just after hours of the release of the iOS 10 to eligible devices from Apple. Siri, upon integration with WhatsApp now allows the user to send text messages and can also place WhatsApp calls. For this to be possible, the user to should first grant access to Siri. In all possibilities, Siri will first prompt the user for access. However, if it doesn’t, then the user will have to do it manually by heading to the “Settings”, look for “Siri”, click on “App Support” and check for “WhatsApp”. Enable the toggle on to green and now the user will be able to use Siri to execute its WhatsApp-based functions.

The user will just have to summon Siri and tell it to message or call someone. Siri will then guide the user step by step through the process, right from what message the user wants to send and to whom the message should be sent and will confirm every step till the end. In the initial tests, Siri seemed to recognize the names as it was given.

The decision of Apple to grant access to the third-party apps to utilize Siri has made all these new features come alive. WhatsApp is the first app to roll out its Siri-centric features to its iPhone app.

WhatsApp Calls

Easy to Receive WhatsApp Calls

Another exclusive feature that comes with the updated iOS 10 is the ability to place a Widget on the home screen and the lock screen. This widget allows the users to easily check their unread messages and recent chats. The new update also allows the users to receive and pick the WhatsApp calls from the lock screen just like it is done for the normal phone calls. Earlier, the iPhone users had to first swipe right, then unlock their phone, open the WhatsApp app on the screen and then pick the call.

Quick Forward Button for Easy Sharing

Apart from these new updates, WhatsApp for the iPhone users gets another excellent feature which makes forwarding and sharing from within the app even easier. When a photo or a video is received on WhatsApp and the user wants to share or forward it to friends and family, the new arrow button which represents the Quick Forward button is available right beside the photo/video option, allowing the user to do it faster. This quick forward button lets the user share videos and photos in multiple chats. Upon clicking this button, WhatsApp will also show the contacts which have been contacted frequently by the user on the top and the other recently contacted numbers and the group chats will be displayed below. The user can then select multiple chat heads to share and forward media, messages etc. all in a single shot.

Whatsapp version 2.16.10

Switch Your Camera

Another feature that has been added makes photography and capturing moments on the phone even more memorable. While clicking pictures or videos, the user can now switch in between the front and the rear cameras on the iPhone by just double tapping on the phone screen. So now the user can capture a picture of the surroundings and with just a double tap on the screen, it is possible to take a selfie.

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