Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S8 May Come Early After Note 7 Recall

Samsung Galaxy S8

The recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is expected to adversely affect the South Korean company not just in terms of reputation if reports are to be believed.

Samsung chief already claimed that the recall would affect the company so much that it made his heart bleed looking at the figure. It is now estimated that Samsung could be hit by as much as $1 billion as a result of the recall. Worldwide availability of the Galaxy Note 7 only for a couple of weeks has already resulted in several million phones in the hands of users ready to explode if charged to full capacity.

Note 7

Samsung claimed that an error in the manufacturing process of the battery is responsible for exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7, although there have been only around 50 such incidents reported in the world. However, Samsung is not ready to take any more chances with regard to their flagship device and they have announced a recall. For those who are yet to return their phones, Samsung is reportedly pushing out an update that would prevent the battery from charging 60%. Apart from doing the relevant action in order to prevent further damage, Samsung is already thinking on a forward basis in order to cover the damaged reputation and finances.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was one anticipated devices a month ago and it is understood that Samsung is working on the possibility of launching the phone much earlier than scheduled. The South Korean company usually comes with the Galaxy S refresh during the month of February when the Mobile World Congress takes place. However, it is rumored that the Galaxy S8 may into the market a couple of months ahead of schedule. It remains to be seen if Samsung will go ahead this decision especially considering that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the most successful models for the company in the last few years.

Samsung Galaxy S8

There have been only vague rumors about the possibility of new features on the Samsung Galaxy S8. It is rumored that the phone could come with an OLED panel on a Samsung smartphone for the first time. It would also likely to be available only with the curved display just like the Galaxy Note 7. However, there is a good possibility that the company will take extra precaution when coming out with the device and not just launching just for the sake of it.

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