WhatsApp Video Calling Shows up in Beta, Feature Coming Soon


WhatsApp video calling is just around the corner after one beta version of the app showed up with the feature on board.

Even though the feature has since been removed following a later update, there is no doubt that we’ll soon be able to make video calls in addition to voice calls and messaging via WhatsApp. This feature has been coming for quite some time now, with rumors about it showing up as early as last year, a few months following the release of WhatsApp voice calling.

WhatsApp was born in 2009 and back then, the founders were adamant that the app will only remain a simple messaging platform with no ads, gimmicks and games, Facebook’s takeover in 2014 has seen huge changes come to play. Ever since the introduction of the voice calling feature, it was only a matter of when the video calling feature will show up.

WhatsApp video calling showcased on iOS

WhatsApp has the largest part of its user base on Android platform. This has often meant that this Google-owned platform is usually favored when it comes to rolling out software updates, not just WhatsApp. Interestingly, this was not the case for the world leader as far as instant messaging is concerned. This time round, the Facebook-owned app turned to iOS users for testing the video calling feature.

This could possibly mean that the group using the app on iPhones will get the video calling feature ahead of the Android group, however, there is no guarantee in this statement whatsoever. It’s been a while since this feature showed up in a beta version of iOS and as noted earlier, it has since been removed in the subsequent updates.

WhatsApp Video Calling For iOS

Just like the voice calling feature, we expect to see the video calling feature appearing in several beta versions of WhatsApp before it is finally availed to the public.

WhatsApp 2.16.80 beta

The version that showcased the power of WhatsApp video calling was v2.16.80 beta. The option to place a video call was visible from all chats. In the current stable version, hitting the Call button will take you straight to voice calls. However, this version provided users with a chance to choose between placing a voice or video call. Since this was just a test, the feature was inactive and it did not allow users to initiate the said video calls.

Despite the fact that the video calling feature has been removed in the current WhatsApp beta for iOS, we believe that it will show up in a new beta version to be released soon. Later on, we expect it to hit Windows 10 Mobile, Android as well as Windows Phone devices.

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