WhatsApp Web 0.2.3571 Version Now Available, Add New Functionalities for Shared Docs and Links

WhatsApp Web links appear in new UI

The updates are not only limited to the iOS and Android version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Web version received the new update 0.2.3571 that makes it easier to use the app on your PC.

WhatsApp Web 0.2.3571

When you login to the app on your desktop, it will automatically prompt you to download the latest version and the file should be ready in seconds even in an average internet connection. It’s small yet brings a lot of useful changes to its users. With the new update, you are finally allowed to view shared documents and links which was previously limited to the mobile versions.

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Screenshots of the same are posted online. However, you don’t have to rely much on them because they should be available on the desktop version of WhatsApp right now. You can see how the new user interface looks and it also displays shared documents, links in a brand new design. They have been tweaked to match the new design introduced by Google’s Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. Besides, they are divided into multiple columns as media, docs and links. Previously, the shared function was available only for photos and videos which has now been extended to include them all.

WhatsApp Web 0.2.3571 new UI

The rollout is also focused on making WhatsApp more enterprise friendly. The developers are planning to launch WP enterprise version with built-in translation capabilities, structured messages and new status feature that allows people to send photos or messages that are auto-deleted in a day. Such additions require more security as well as customization and accessibility as part of which shared docs can now be viewed.

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A brand new set of icons are also bundled with WhatsApp Web version 0.2.3571. With the function, users will be able to star a bunch of documents at once, delete or forward them. The same applies for multiple links as well making it easy to mark or share them with a group. All the features are obviously more useful for business users and in an office environment as individuals usually share more of media than documents. It makes the web version of the app easy to use, more intuitive and bundles it with so many features.

WhatsApp Web links appear in new UI

After rolling out these updates for WhatsApp Web, the team is expected to focus once again on the latest Android and iOS versions of the app. WP Android 2.17.68 will add a new alert gif that will let you know when the app couldn’t find an active internet connection.

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