WhatsApp Will Soon Have Report Spam Feature Along with Gifs and Stickers

WhatsApp GIF new design iOS

Privacy is of utmost concern to users because with your phone number, there is a high possibility that random people may message you.

Similarly, there are just too many groups to handle at the moment on WhatsApp which is what the developers are trying to streamline at the moment.

The latest update from the development team confirmed that WhatsApp will soon receive a report spam feature. In theory, it should work very much like the spam feature provided in Gmail. The app will automatically identify people as spam and also groups where obscene or content that is not suitable for everyone is being shared. A screenshot of the same is now available online that confirmed that it won’t be long before the particular feature is rolled out to all users.

WhatsApp Starred Stickers Ios

Similar to many other features revealed in the past, the people behind WhatsApp had kept the particular feature hidden and will be bringing it to the forefront at a later point. The report spam will come in handy for most users especially when a particular phone number continues to send them unwanted messages. It could be from marketing, advertising people, strangers you are not familiar with or simply unidentified numbers that spread virus through spam messages. It is also applicable for groups which you can mark as spam so as to not receive any updates from them and to avoid unwanted situations.

Apart from the report spam feature set to get launched on both iOS and Android versions of WhatsApp in the near future, the team will introduce Gif and stickers. Stickers have been such an important feature for all other messaging apps like Hike, Allo, Skype, WeChat among many others. These creative and fun looking stickers allow users to express themselves in a much better way which cannot be done with just smileys. And, there’s also the Gifs that come in handy to showcase what a person loves or simply to make fun of friends.

WhatsApp GIF new design iOS

Both these are crucial additions for WhatsApp to make the app look less boring and more fun. The beta testing is underway for this feature and it won’t be long before the developers bring it out. A bunch of new and amazing features are heading to WhatsApp including live location sharing, stickers and the just announced report spam. Once all of them are out for the app, using it on a daily basis will be more seamless, fun and make it intuitive for users who rely on the app for their daily communication needs.

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