Apple iOS 11 Can Automatically Find and Delete Unused Apps to Save Space

Apple iOS 11

Apple’s iPhone is fun to use and is quite premium but the manufacturer is never going to add a micro SD card slot for their phones anytime.

It makes life miserable for people who are stuck with 16GB of storage space on any iPhone where storage space is a luxury.

Android users on the other hand enjoy so much luxury that they can readily swap in a 32GB or 64GB SD card into most of the phones except for the Nexus or Pixel devices. With so much content to store these days, users definitely need more than 16GB of storage to feel free when using their smartphones. Apple has no plans to make phones with lower price tag or increased storage but they are instead going to allow users to simplify the process of freeing up precious storage space.

Apple iOS 11 Save Space

The iOS11 operating system which will be available soon for all latest smartphones and tablets made by Apple. It will however be not made available for the iPhone 5 and 5C as they are considered to be not powerful enough to use all the features provided in the OS. The new addition includes a specific feature named Offload Unused apps which is a self-descriptive title. The idea is to uninstall and remove all unused apps so that you don’t have to see your iPhone lag or slow down in terms of performance.

Some users could get concerned over this feature because if some of the important apps that they seldom use is removed from the device, they could be stuck in a situation when they most need it. The developers at Apple did think about this practical issue and confirmed that even though the application will be removed from the phone, the local data and the documents associated with the app will be saved in the device. It will not be completely uninstalled so that you can install it when there is a necessity.

Apple iOS 11

Instead of removing the app icon from the phone, the particular unused app will be uninstalled and it will be marked grey on the home screen. If you want to re-install it, just head to the settings page, general and iPhone storage. This particular feature needs no intervention from the user and will run automatically. As it has been designed in such a way to keep precious data save, there is nothing to worry about. Besides, there is always the option to select particular apps and offload them from the phone. Users can do this much earlier before the app decides to remove unused ones. You can also choose to switch off this feature and not make any automatic decisions.

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