Why Youtube Android App Pushed its Navigation Bar to the Bottom?

Youtube Android App

A lot of times you would have found that when using a large screened phone which are the norm these days, it is tough to access the menu bar which is usually situated on top of the screen.

Most smartphones have adopted 5-inches and 5.5-inches as their most desired sizes. And, there is the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus which goes even bigger with 6-inch displays. It is difficult to complain that these manufacturers are simply pushing the resolution and size of their displays too much. The sheer number of apps available and how people use their phones everyday for majority of their official work increased the size.

Youtube Android

Coping up with the trend is the Youtube Android app which should now be much better to use because the company had decided to put the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. While you are browsing through a video or scrolling through the long list of new updates, you can easily access your history, comments or videos saved offline without having to use your both hands. After making the phones bigger, it is now up to the app makers to make sure people find it easy to use their devices without having to hold them together using their both hands.

The beta testing for introducing the bottom navigation bar in Youtube began as early as September and the team has finally started rolling it out to users worldwide. According to the official statement, it is now official and will soon be introduced to all Android devices making it easy for you to navigate. But, there are some other minor changes as well to make the app more intuitive than how it has been so far.

A smaller top bar will now be featured at the top of the app which confirmed that Youtube is not completely removing this feature. Rather they have reduced the number of buttons on the top panel and also the overall size, making it thinner and more as a secondary solution. The upload button which used to be a floating action button has now been made into a permanent one as part of the top panel.

Youtube Android App

The layout of the newly designed bottom bar remains the same so as to not alienate the users. It includes the Account tab, playlists inside the library, favorite uploads and liked videos. It is a good decision to not change them all at once and the bar doesn’t vanish as the earlier one used to unless you are playing a video.