Xbox One and Xbox 360 Spotlight Sale Discounts Tom Clancy Games

Xbox One Tom Clancy Games

The latest spotlight sale is on and this time all popular Tom Clancy games are on discount on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 consoles.

The sale had already begun and will be live until June 5th giving you a whole week time to buy all your favorite games. If you love shooting games and spend time playing multiplayer titles, Tom Clancy titles offer the best experience possible. The range of games available on sale include the newly launched Ghost Recon Wildlands, Rainbow Six Siege and The Division.

Xbox One and Xbox 360 Spotlight Sale

A great aspect of Tom Clancy games is that not all of them are the same even though the base design and the shooter aspect remains the same. Wildlands is one of the most popular open world shooters released recently and offers players the freedom to complete their mission anyway they please. It also includes a large open world, weapons and many tactics that could be planned along with your teammates to execute. A similar scenario exists with Rainbow Six Siege but they are more indoors and you have to guide your SWAT team towards victory or survive as the terrorists.

The Division which has been around for many months now is Tom Clancy’s take on RPG with a touch of action to it. A whole range of additional items are available for sale for Rainbow Six Siege. They are all discounted about 50% that includes stuff like Cobalt weapon skin, emerald weapon skin, Watch Dogs set, Fuze Ghost Recon set and many more.

The Deluxe Edition of the Ghost Recon Wildlands on Xbox One comes with 25% discount while the Gold edition has about a 30% discount. All the Division add on packs are also available with discounts ranging between 40% and 50% making it a must buy for players who are addicted to this RPG title where you have to survive in a world that is infected and available resources are extremely limited in numbers.

Xbox One Tom Clancy Games

On the Xbox 360 console, the Tom Clancy Spotlight sale sells Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 with 67%, Advanced Warfighter, Future Solider and Splinter Cell Conviction. All these titles come with a massive 67% discount and in case you still love your old Xbox 360 console, it wouldn’t hurt to buy these titles and have some fun exploring the world Tom Clancy had created for military shooter lovers. However, the graphics may not be on par with an Xbox One edition though.