Wii U Virtual Console Adds Mario Kart 64 to its Gaming List

Mario Kart 64

As the year 2016 draws to a close, Mario Kart 64, the all-time preferred kart racing game of 1997 is all set for release on the Wii U in North America.

Already released in Europe, this is one of the most favorite games of Nintendo 64 lovers. Nintendo has made an announcement regarding this release along with a statement that it will be priced nominally at $9.99. The game offers various features such as washed out graphics and off-TV play for single player mode and dim. In short, this game is already available on Wii Virtual Console and has all that you need to enjoy playing on such a device. If you already own this version, all that you need is an upgrade to the Wii U version for a $2 price.

The Mario Kart 64 on Wii U has precise and smooth controls that will make players keep coming back for more freewheeling fun. A Destructoid report states that the Wii U version does not offer support for ghost data. However, this is not likely to cause any kind of hindrance to how you enjoy the game.

Mario Kart 64

One key difference from the original Nintendo 64 version is that the new game allows a maximum of four players to check out their gaming skills at a time. Additionally, some of the most noteworthy Mario Kart tracks that have always fascinated gamers find their way into the game following a few improvisations. These courses include Yoshi Valley, Toad’s Turnpike and Moo Moo Farm to highlight just a few. The whole game features a total of 20 courses. Each course presents its own fair share of bridges, valleys, tunnels, dips and jumps.

Moreover, the revised game offers a whole lot of fun through a new mode known as the Battle mode. This mode is a great choice to check out if you would like to show off your profound driving skills. Yet another change is the split screen mode when a team of four players joins hands to play the game.

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