Will Apple iPhone 7 Fix iPhone 6S Stubborn Issues?

Apple is rumored to be working on a new iPhone 7 that will essentially be coming in to succeed last year’s iPhone 6S.

Succeeding the 6S means that this year’s model should work to fix any issues found on the 2015 model while at the same time coming in with more improvements from what was offered on its predecessor. Many are hopeful that this year’s iPhone 7 will actually bring a fix to one stubborn issue that has been bugging them with iPhone 6S.

Even though Apple always sits tight with any info regarding any of its upcoming products, we have a new rumor that is pointing towards a number of aspects that should be expected when the flagship iPhone is released later on this year.

Say hello to 32GB variants

For the past two or so years, speculations leading to the release of a new iPhone have always suggested that Apple will be upping the base model storage from 16GB to 32GB. It did not happen with iPhone 6 and nothing happened with iPhone 6S. However, there was still a cool thing that happened with iPhone 6S – inclusion of a high-quality camera. One problem with such cameras is that they capture detailed, and therefore, large-sized photos that eventually demand huge storage volumes. This is where Apple’s iPhone 6S and its predecessors lack as far as the base model is concerned.

With the iPhone 7 rumored to be coming with a dual-lens camera that means, even more, quality and thus, more storage size is needed, rumor has it that Cupertino will bring a 32GB variant to slip in between the 16GB and 64GB variant. There is even word of a 128GB variant being lined up, but some reports claim this storage option will be preserved for the Plus version.

iPhone 7

Other than the update on storage options, iPhone 7 will reportedly come with a brand new A10 SoC and improved RAM to add to the already mentioned great 4K camera. As far as design is concerned, Apple is believed to be sticking with what it has for the iPhone 6S – which is still a cool design, but of course, expect some nifty touches here and there.

If Apple truly unveils iPhone 7 and 7 Plus smartphones that feature cameras that can capture 4K photos and videos, having more storage will be inevitable.

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