Google Now vs. Apple Siri – Will Apple Follow Google in Upping the Game?

Google Now vs Apple Siri

The digital assistants market is beginning to shine as the likes of Google Now, Apple Siri and Cortana compete towards becoming market leaders.

With Microsoft and Google already doing their thing with respect to enhancing their digital assistants, Apple is also expected to take the same direction with the release of its new OS. With an enhanced Siri in the making, Apple wants to take the competition in this field to the next level.

Google made some major steps in improving its digital assistant with the introduction of Google Assistant during the recent I/O conference. In essence, the new assistant seems to be an enhancement of the current Google Now. You can ask any question and when the assistant replies, it is possible to follow up with more questions regarding the provided answer or initial question. The same service is also available in Google Home as well as Allo.

Not so much has come out regarding the updates Apple is planning on Siri. As usual, the company never lets go of anything until it is actually here. According to the latest reports, the upcoming Apple Siri will be updated with a new technology known as VocalIQ. This tech allows for better processing of voice commands in ways that are quicker and more efficient.

Apple wants to ensure that Siri provides the most accurate results with respect to users’ searches, be it in phones, PCs, home appliances and even on the roads. This will take a lot of effort, especially when competition in the niche is getting tougher. However, Cupertino is said to be working on opening up Apple Siri to third-party developers who want to integrate the digital assistant into their apps. This is a great move that will see the assistant’s relevance improved as it will be usable in more than just Apple-owned apps.

This September, Apple is expected to unveil new phones that will succeed last year’s iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. While it is still unclear what Apple will really name the upcoming phablet, with names like iPhone 7 Pro and iPhone 7 Plus showing up, however, what remains likely is the naming of the standard 4.7-inch version, which is the iPhone 7.

Google Now vs Apple Siri

Reports claim that there won’t be major upgrades in terms design, but expect some changes to happen under the hood. Apple might bring a new processor, new OS as well as up the RAM. There is also talk of a dual-lens camera as well as the introduction of OIS in the camera of the standard variant – a feature that has been previously been reserved for the Plus models.

Meanwhile, the upcoming WWDC 2016 is expected to be used by Apple to showcase a new and improved Siri.

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