Windows 10 Default Browser Edge New Features : Microsoft Edge Jumps Right Over Chrome

Windows 10 Default Browser

Microsoft has announced the new set of features present in the Edge browser, which is now the default browser for Windows 10.  

The new features had been implemented in the earlier builds of the Windows 10, but the company has mentioned the separately in a detailed blog post. This is by way of confirmation that the features will be present in the last version of its Creators Update, which will come in April this year.

Microsoft Edge Jumps Over Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is very functional and can be used most efficiently with the latest features. The interface is very basic, so that users can focus more on the web content that is being displayed, rather than the interface. Edge also brings in Cortana, offering more contexts when asked. Reading View can improve web experience, where you can also save an article to read later using the Reading List. You can also download the Microsoft Edge extension, offering more functionality to its browser.

However, Edge does use the Bing engine for search and not Google, though the former is equally good in many respects. The most important change brought about by Edge was to exchange the home screen and replace it with its own, though users could select their home page if they want.

New Features: Better Tab Management

Microsoft has made specific mention of the Set Tabs Aside among the latest features added to its default browser Edge.  It is an option that can be used for saving a particular tab to be viewed later. Also, users can expand the tab bars and access the particular website’s previews.

According to Microsoft, most of the users spend a lot of their time on the Internet, so they tend to have many tabs open. It is very useful to offer these users efficient tab management abilities, so that they can cope with their everyday tasks more easily and efficiently. You can now move from one tab to another, without loss of focus and remain focused on the content appearing at that time, according to the press release of Microsoft.

Support for eBook

Microsoft has also detailed the features that had been introduced in the Edge browser recently, as an aspect of its Windows Insider project, offering support for eBook. Edge now offers features for eBook reading, so you can use the application for reading a book or managing books that you download from Windows Store.

Support for WebVR

Edge also now offers support for WebVR, allowing users to display VR content directly from the web, using the VR headset. Shopping is also now easier with support for Payments, the Payment Request API now works along with the Microsoft Wallet in the Edge browser.

Windows 10 Default Browser

Additional Extensions

There are also some new extensions in the offing and they will be added soon, according to Microsoft. The engineers working on the team will focus on important features like speed and performance and also see to the security of the new features. When Windows 10, Creators Update is live in the month of April this year, it will see the Microsoft Edge browser infinitely more powerful.

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