Windows 10 Free Upgrade Still On for Special Cases

Windows 10

Windows 10 free upgrade program has been running for a year now. Through this program, any person with a registered Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 was eligible for a free upgrade to the new OS, but this was for a limited time of an entire year.

Now that the period came to an end on July 29, those who had yet to take advantage of the free upgrade will now be forced to go back to their pockets and buy a complete package of the OS that includes a product key.

Well, this is bad luck for you just in case you didn’t upgrade to the new Windows 10 for free. However, the story is not the same for those of you who have some assistive needs because Microsoft is still running the Windows 10 free upgrade for this special group.

What this means is that all general users of Windows PCs will not be able to have a free upgrade to Windows 10,  but those who have signed up or registered to use assistive technologies will still continue to enjoy the privilege of getting the free upgrade. It gets even better as anyone with accessibility needs can access a special Microsoft website that details out more information about this free Windows 10 upgrade.

Windows 10

Whether or not this special free upgrade will be running for another year or just a few months is still a puzzle that can only be solved by Microsoft. This means that if you are a user with assistive needs and you haven’t updated to the new OS just yet, it is about time you hurry and make the jump unless you are willing to lose some money getting a new package.

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