Windows 10 Mobile Update May Reach Less than 50% of Current Windows Phones

Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile will be rolling out to a number of Microsoft Lumia smartphones running on the older Windows Phone a few days from now.

This came in as great news thanks to the many goodies that the new software brings to those using the older operating system. However, there is still some bad news for those owning the said Windows Phone smartphones. Still, the Windows OS maker hasn’t mentioned a thing about when the Windows 10 update will specifically hit the listed Lumia devices.

As the wait for the date goes on, it seems more and more Windows Phone users will be waiting even more for this new operating system. As it looks like, it is only less than 50% of the older handsets that will be receiving the new OS in the coming days. The rest, another 50+%, will not be getting this update anytime soon, latest reports can reveal.

Microsoft to update all possible Windows Phone handsets

Despite the latest revelation by AdDuplex founder and Chief Alan Mendelevich, that a good number of currently active Windows Phone smartphones will not be getting to the new platform anytime soon, Microsoft has remained adamant that Windows 10 Mobile will get to as much Windows Phone devices as possible.

Microsoft runs an Insider Program for Windows 10 and this is where it collects lots of feedback regarding the new OS. The company will only be rolling out the update to cases where it has received the “most positive reviews.”

Windows 10 Mobile

Mendelevich seems a little optimistic about the situation; however, real pessimism comes from MSPowerUser, which notes that these older handsets might never get to taste this Windows 10 OS. Well, this is a lot more disturbing than what AdDuplex has to say with respect to Windows 10 Mobile update, however, the good news is that Microsoft itself hasn’t mentioned a thing just yet.

If AdDuplex is to be believed, then it means the entire world has about 12.9% Lumia 520 devices and 11.7% Lumia 535 smartphones. These are actually the most popular Windows Phone handsets in the world. Others following closely include Lumia 630 (8.6%), Lumia 635 (7.4%), Lumia 640 (6.3%) as well as Lumia 530 and Lumia 625 with 4.6% and 4.5% respectively. Nokia Lumia 920 comes in at the other end with a dismal 3% of the entire market share.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s list of devices to be updated with Windows 10 Mobile leaves out the most used Windows Phone handset – the Lumia 520 – as well as the Lumia 920. However, second-placed Lumia 535 is on the list as well as others such as Lumia 635 and Lumia 640. Microsoft will also be rolling out the update to devices such as Lumia 640XL and Lumia 435, all of which have a market share of less than 4%.


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