Xbox One Beats PS4 In July Month Sales, Microsoft Announced

Xbox One Beats PS4 In July Month Sales

Microsoft announced that in the month of July, the company has managed to beat Sony’s Playstation 4 console as Xbox One sold higher in the United States.

For an entire year, PS4 has managed to outsell the Xbox One console in USA. Microsoft announced the Xbox One S console at the E3 2016 event. Pre-orders for the new device has already began. It features HDR capabilities and can support videos at 4K resolution. When the crowd’s attention was moving towards the new hardware, it is surprising to see that the older version of the Xbox One has managed to sell more than the Playstation 4.

The results are based on the NPD results. PS4 is easily the winner of the console generation even though both devices have their fair share of drawbacks. Both of them delivered mediocre performance as game titles never ran at 1080p resolution with 60 frames per second as promised. The upcoming Xbox One S and PS4.5 or PS4 Neo is expected to finally give gamers the opportunity to experience titles without compromising on graphics quality.

Xbox One Beats PS4

Next generation hardware, possibly the PS5 and the Xbox Scorpio should change the gaming scenario completely. Instead of forcing game developers to downgrade graphics, they should allow them to push it to the core and deliver immersive experience. Virtual reality is going to be major platform. Playstation VR is just the beginning. When PC gaming is years ahead in terms of visual fidelity, the outdated consoles paved way for some bad PC ports making it impossible to play on Windows computers.

The last Batman game from Rocksteady is still impossible to play on PCs. Microsoft and Sony is well aware of the fact that the current console generation has come to an end, much sooner than expected. The next hardware should be powerful so that it could sustain in the market for at least five years without constraining game developers.

Microsoft’s amazing deals and bundles on Xbox One console paved way for the sales. It’s one important factor that made it possible to outsell the PS4 console for the first time in many months. Xbox One S is going great as it has already sold out in UK and is about to deplete stocks in the United States. The company has taken a step forward with Xbox Scorpio and let’s hope Sony does the same to offer the gaming experience gamers deserve.

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