Titanfall 2 Single Player Campaign Details Revealed

Titanfall 2 Single Player Campaign

Building a game that was primarily meant for multiplayer was definitely a tough task.

Respawn Entertainment, developers of Titanfall 2 has took it as a challenge and from the demo, they have probably achieved lot more than we assumed.

The first iteration in the series, Titanfal was definitely an amazing multiplayer shooter. It was a welcome addition to the multiplayer scenario dominated by Call of Duty and Battlefield.Players enjoyed the parkour style titans which were supposed to be slow and heavy according to game developers’ logic. Respawn entertainment gave it a new lease of life but it was short lived. Players missed the single player campaign which was an essential for any game to succeed well as a AAA title.

“When we decided to create a single player campaign, we thought the titans parkour moves and wall jumping should be removed. That’s the only way to actually make Titanfall 2 have a campaign mode. Our idea was to implement everything else in the multiplayer mode,” commented Drew McCoy, producer of the game.

Titanfall 2 Single Player Campaign Details Revealed

However, the single player campaign was a pleasant surprise. Instead of going the usual follow the objective, linear narration Respawn entertainment has made the game an open ended sandbox style gaming. It is similar to Just Cause 3, GTA V or Far Cry 4 but still has the right map settings so that you don’t get lost.

The map setup is similar to open world games but the area you could navigate through the map is limited. It ensures you reach the objective one way or the other but stay within the mission rather than being lured around like most players do in GTA V.

A good thing about the single player campaign is that you can wall jump, double jump and vault to reach the spot. It follows James Cooper who has crash landed and grabs hold of a dead soldier’s titan. His objective is to find a new battery pack to keep his machine running. However, he is bombarded by soldiers from all corners. The combat is fluid as he takes them down one by one before reaching his desired location.

The conversation between the titan’s AI system and the pilot is what kept the campaign exceptionally engaging. It continues to warn him of the injuries he sustained and made some quirky comments for which the pilot replies as any irked human would do. A lot of changes will be made to the single player mode but Titanfall 2 looks promising already.

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