Xbox One Exclusives On PC Will Not Kill The Console, Says Microsoft Executive

Xbox One

While the entire gaming or at least those who game on Xbox One console is frustrated with Microsoft’s decision to bring exclusives to PC, the Xbox executive Albert Penello feels otherwise.

At the E3 2016 event, the company confirmed that they are going to bring every last exclusive from Xbox One console to PC except for Halo 5 Guardians. It is only a matter of time before Halo 6 and other games in the series find its way to Windows 10 PCs. After all, being first person it is usually best experience with a mouse and keyboard. Console gamers might say otherwise because Halo has been exclusive Xbox property for almost a decade until now.

Talking in a podcast, Penello got candid about Microsoft’s decision and said that when those games are made available on PCs, they are not going to take anything away from the market. It simply expands the way players get to experience a title.

“I don’t think someone would choose not to buy a game just because it is already available on another platform. Choices are plenty and Xbox Play Anywhere makes it easier for one to buy the title so that they could own it on two devices at once. These days, players are enjoying the games they love on smartphones, tablets, consoles and PCs,” said Penello.

Xbox One Exclusives

“When you play games today, you prefer to play it on every device you own. A lot of console gamers love to play on their smartphones and some have PCs of their own to experience an up-close experience with keyboard and mouse. Similarly, many PC gamers love to relax on their couch and enjoy a story driven adventure on the big screen HD television. Why not tap into the market and offer them choices so that they are not tied to just one device,” he questioned.

Just because console exclusives from Xbox One comes to PC doesn’t mean people would suddenly ignore the console hardware and decide to become a PC gamer. There are a lot of factors that determine what a person likes. Those who have high end computers may simply go for the PC version while Xbox owners can enjoy the convenience on multiple platforms.

Albert Penello definitely makes sense and for Microsoft, it’s about reaching gamers with titles that could earn more revenue than being tied to the same hardware. Be it Windows 10 or Xbox One, people love to hate Microsoft but in the end the company usually wins on the long run.

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